Artist Bio

On learning that Valerie Schurer Christle is an artist the first question that people usually ask is “what medium?” That is a difficult question for her to answer as she has so many to choose from: water colour, acrylic or oil paint, glass, fabric, photography, collage or assemblage.

Being unrestricted by any one medium means that she can interpret whatever she wants to create in just about any medium and that is why her images are so varied.

The influence of living in England for the first three decades of her life before moving to America sometimes show in her work, as can her love of nature and travel.

To Valerie texture and colour are the most important factors in her work, they set the mood and atmosphere, be it calm, joyful, playful or mysterious.

She lived in New Hampshire for many years then recently moved to Belfast. Maine where her work may be seen at Belfast Fiber Arts and Mainely Gallery.