In Progress

The Kiss IMG_1772I have always loved The Kiss by Gustav Klimt, and have had my eye out for fabrics that would be suitable to use inĀ  a material version. I felt very fortunate when I found some lovely fabrics with goldĀ  metallic accent for the background, fabrics which glow yet maintain the right colors to work as a background for the man’s clothing. Klimt used very angular, masculine lines to denote masculinity. You may think that would be easy to represent, but remember, these angular fabrics also need to be the right colors and scale. The same it true for the woman’s clothing which called for softer, more curving both a light and a dark version.

Fortunately I have also been amassing a good selection of metallic thread, so could accent the floral areas with vibrant, glowing thread.

It took several weeks to assemble the fabrics, cut them out in a grid that represents the original image, (each square is one inch), stitch it all together, then quilt and add some embroidered touches.

Here it is, ready to go in to a glorious gold frame then off to the Kalled gallery here in Wolfeboro.

For more detailed images check out the fabric section of my website.